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Why Branded Filters?

Individuals use Snapchat and Instagram to share captured photos and videos with their closest group of friend, family and now their followers!

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Our Services

Our seven-days-a-week operation & creative team will ensure a successful marketing campaign for your business. We work directly with Snapchat and Instagram to provide you with the following services:

Dedicated Account

Campaign Strategy

Audience Targeting
& Optimization

Geofence Pricing
& Optimization

Direct Snapchat
Submission Service

Performance Metrics

Experience & Results

We have designed more custom filters than any company in the world. This experience is exhibited throughout your order from the planning stage to completion.

Reliable Performance

Incredible customer service & rapid turnaround times are the cornerstone of our business. We achieve this through a robust in-house design and sales team that operates 7 days a week.

Privacy & Security

Confidentiality may be crucial to the success of your filter campaign. We have experience working on international ad campaigns and private celebrity parties.

Brands that trust Geofilter Studio

Business Geofilter Analytics

Following the completion of your brand’s filter campaign, Geofilter Studio will provide you with an analytics report. Here are the key metrics available for business filters:

Paid Impressions

The total # of times your ad was served to a Snapchatter or Instagrammer

Earned Impressions

The # of times your ad was viewed after being shared by a Snapchatter or Instagrammer


The # of times your ad was shared via Chat, DM’s or Stories

Share rate

= shares / impressions

Camera time

The average number of seconds your ad was seen in the camera as an overlay option

Paid reach

The # of unique paid impressions

We take care of the painstaking submission process to Snapchat and Instagram, so you don't have to worry. Trust us, you are in good hands, we have done this 100,000+ times.

Business Snapchat and Instagram Filters

Marketing your brand in a unique and creative way is more important than ever! More and more people are turning to Snapchat for creative branding. You can introduce your logo and create images that represent your business and its strengths. While many people have an interest in creating brand awareness through Snapchat, few have the skills required to do it effectively. This is where Geofilter Studio comes in. We have created tens of thousands of filters for a variety of businesses; we’ll ensure you send out your message creatively, innovatively, and cost-effectively.

Fast Turnaround Time

Although designing a custom filter in-house may seem like a great idea, it requires a lot of time, resources and skill. Our expert design team will ensure that your filter is created in a timely manner. We understand that the focus is on the bigger picture which sometimes leaves the finer details like Snapchat advertising to the very last minute.

The turnaround time for most orders can be quite fast. Our business team works hard to ensure your design will be completed before your event, even if it’s rushed! As long as you give us a clear idea of what you’re looking for, we can likely have your filter created in a few hours. Remember to take into account that there will be a premium charged for last-minute orders.

Long-Term Filters

Most of our corporate clients select a year long filter for their business. We can create different designs that can be swapped out at different times of the year, and to save money, you can opt to have the filter live only during business hours rather than 24/7. Long term filters are a great way to create brand awareness, as everyone who opens Snapchat at your business will scroll through your filter.

Cost Effective

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to utilize your marketing budget. Snapchat filters are extremely cost effective, especially when you consider the ROI they deliver. Snapchat reaches 90% of 13-24 year olds in the US, which captures the majority of the Gen Z demographic. If you’re looking to engage with a younger demographic, Snapchat is the perfect platform which won’t break the bank.

Approval from Snapchat

After our design team creates your filter, we’ll send it to you to look over. Once you’ve approved the filter, we will take care of the Snapchat submission process. Because we are the largest producer of Snapchat filters, we are more likely to get your filter approved by Snapchat. We’ve submitted hundreds of thousands of filters, so we know what to look for and what Snapchat will flag. The Snapchat submission process can be quite tedious; at Geofilter Studio, we take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Experienced Professionals

Our company has handled corporate filters tens of thousands of times. We have the experience needed to seamlessly walk you through the entire process from start to finish. It can feel overwhelming and complicated to navigate the Snapchat platform; we’re here to help! Once we have all of the major details such as the date, location and design specifications, we will walk you through the process.

Choosing Geofilter Studio

We have worked with Snapchat since the very beginning, and have developed a strong rapport with their team. Allow us to walk you through the process of getting your design approved by Snapchat for your next event. Contact us today for more information to get the ball rolling!