Four Perfect Events for Prom Season Snapchat Filters

Four Perfect Events for Prom Season Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Geofilters have become a staple at proms, graduations and at all of the celebrations in between. Below I’ll touch on the four main graduation-related events you should have a Filter for! Whether it’s for a promposal, graduation ceremony, pre-prom, or prom itself, there’s always room for another Filter.

  1. Promposals:

Promposals are basically marriage proposals for high schoolers, and they are a huge deal. Asking someone to prom is a major thing; senior year now revolves around coming up with the perfect promposal for your date. One of the newest promposal trends is through Geofilters, with teens asking their dates to prom via Snapchat. It’s easy to get creative; adding a ‘check yes or no’ box on the filter and having them snap back their response is a fun and interactive way to prompose.

  1. Graduation Ceremony:

High School that are looking to increase engagement are starting to hop on the Snapchat Filter trend. Thousands of photos are taken of graduates throughout the graduation ceremony, why not capitalize on that with a custom Filter or two? They’re a fun and easy way to make the day more memorable for students and their families. You can create a graduation ‘story’ so all of the students can add their photos to it and afterwards, everyone can then go through and save the story to have the photos as memories to look back on.

  1. Pre-Prom:

If you’re having a group of friends over to get ready with, you’re obviously going to take a few selfies. Why else would you be getting your hair and makeup done!? Having a geofilter at your pre-prom adds the element of FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who aren’t at your sweet party.

  1. Prom:

Think of the last time you went to a party or an event and opened Snapchat; it’s likely that the first thing you did was check and see if there was a special Geofilter. 81% of Snapchat’s users will use the app at a party, which makes having a Filter super important! Making sure you have perfect photos of you and your friends is pretty much the most important part of prom. Teens are constantly taking pictures or snapping selfies, which obviously look better when a fun Geofilter is added!

These are just a few examples of events where Snapchat Filters should be utilized. Teens naturally want to share their lives and special moments through social media, which is why Filters seamlessly fit with prom season. Check out our website to browse our prom/grad Filters, or head straight to our order form to purchase a custom one!

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