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Sweet Dreams: Friend TV

Sweet Dreams: Friend TV

It’s late at night, you’ve just snuggled into bed and the comforting embrace of the pillow and sheets envelops your body. You’re in a happy place. Not quite ready to fall into the deep folds of slumber, you decide to unwind a bit by watching something. But what to watch?


The latest episode of that fast paced drama with the flying monsters and tragic deaths of your favourite characters seems a bit too intense for a late night unwind. Nobody wants to have dreams of dirty, sweaty warfare.

You’ve seen every episode of that hilarious workplace sitcom so many times that it would be a nice, nostalgic reminder… but whenever someone yells something with too much ferocity, it throws a monkey wrench into your relaxation machine. Plus you’ll probably just keep watching episode after episode.


It’s definitely not time to start a new show, despite the fact that now you’ll be lying the next time you have to tell that annoying friend who won’t stop recommending it that you just haven’t had the time. Somehow, this impending deceit isn’t keeping you up at night.

All this deliberation is taking time and you don’t get to sleep the entire day away tomorrow, so maybe it’s best to put the laptop down. Suddenly, you get an idea.

What has a cast of characters you know and love? What has amazing new developments every day? What features amazing locations you know well and others that you hope to see? Friend TV.

You pick up your phone and open the Snapchat app. You click on a friends story and begin to unwind with a warm sense of amusement and familiarity that comes from watching your favourite people do what they do. Channel surfing through the lives of your social circle allows you to keep up with everyone you know, from your bff to your third favourite celebrity who was just on that talk show. These brief glimpses into the daily goings-on of your personal network sooth your mind and bring back fond memories of times you met, times you laughed, and times you loved.


All this fuzzy coziness puts your mind at ease and your eyes get heavy. You plug in your phone and settle in for a happy sleep.


Kevin, Manager of Studio Engagement

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