Case Study

Case Study: Network Rail

Case Study: Network Rail

The Client

Network Rail owns and operates the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland. Over 32,000 km of rail track, 30,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and thousands of signals, level crossings and station are owned and operated by Network Rail, and maintained by approximately 37,000 employees. Network Rail also manages rail scheduling and 20 of the largest stations in England, Wales and Scotland, delivering 4.5 million trips per day for their customers.

The Objective

Network Rail’s goal was two-fold: the first objective was to attract two groups of applicants to their company: women, in an effort to increase diversity in the workplace, and apprentices, who were looking for training in the transportation sector. The second goal was to push the Network Rail brand to young people to develop widespread awareness and maintain top of mind brand positioning.

The Solution

Network Rail utilized Geofilters as a tactic within their overall recruiting and awareness strategy. EveryStudio chose to target the 11 busiest Network Rail operated train stations over a year long campaign. Train stations were a perfect fit for Geofilters as waiting passengers often take to their phones to pass the time, and Network Rail’s desired target market loves passing time on the Snapchat platform.

Although Geofilters contain static creative, EveryStudio added a design element that individuals could interact with. As seen below, the signature Network Rail hard hat was added to the Geofilter, enabling users to “wear” the hat by aligning their head with the the hat in the Filter.

A person is holding a phone that contains a Snapchat Geofilter on the screen

The company’s branding was placed in multiple locations on the Geofilter and two cartoon characters wearing Network Rail’s recognizable uniform were also added to connect Snapchat users with the company’s workers.

The Results

Network Rail’s Geofilters have been one of EveryStudio’s highest performing campaigns, generating over 1.6 million impressions (and counting!) in 11 months. During this time, the Filters have resulted in the following:

  • 908,200 paid impressions
  • 746,000 earned impressions (the total number of users that were sent Snaps containing the filter)
  • 1,654,200 total impressions
  • 5.45 second average view time

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