Geofilter Studio’s Top Ten Most Popular Snapchat Geofilters

Geofilter Studio’s Top Ten Most Popular Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat Geofilters are graphic overlays for Snapchat, that are only available in specific locations. We offer both fully custom filters designed from scratch, and the largest collection of customizable pre-made templates. Our pre-made templates offer a fast turnaround with a price to fit any budget. We’re often asked what our most popular templates are, so today we’re going to share them with you!

  1. Our most popular filter is this beautiful and classy wedding template. Snapchat Geofilters let you make your wedding that much more memorable by allowing your guests to share your love with all those who couldn’t be there to celebrate with you.


  1. The second most popular filter is this wedding template. Quite similar to the previous design, this template features beautiful flowers displayed across the top of the screen rather than the bottom, as seen above.

A bride standing with a bouquet of flowers on her wedding day.


  1. Your special day deserves to be shared in a unique and creative way. This elegant filter adds the perfect touch to wedding photos!

A couple kissing on their wedding day


  1. String lights and mason jars are extremely popular wedding decorations, which makes for a very popular Geofilter. Being such a special event, weddings usually involve close friends and family getting together to share in the celebration; Geofilters are a great wedding addition, as they allow attendees to add a custom and unique element to the photos and videos they capture and share.

A groom kissing the bride's forehead as they celebrate their recent nuptials.


  1. As you can see, we’ve got a wedding theme going! Weddings are by far the event that we’ve created the most filters for, and this design has been one of the bestsellers!

A couple celebrating their wedding


  1. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to this year’s birthday party, look no further. This is our most popular birthday template, and for good reason! What better way to celebrate your birthday than with gold number balloons!?

A woman walking through the forest celebrating her 22nd birthday


  1. This sparkly birthday filter is another one of our most popular templates. Whether you’re celebrating at home or out on the town, you and your friends can use this filter when capturing photos and videos of your big day!

A woman sitting in a field laughing because it's her birthday


  1. Planning a wedding? This pretty template adds a custom touch to the photos and videos that everyone is capturing and sharing during the wedding.

A couple celebrating their wedding as they embrace by the ocean


  1. Happily ever after starts here. This filter adds the perfect simple and classy touch to wedding guests’ photos and videos.

A newlywed couple gaze off into the sunset


  1. Last but not least is this birthday template! Birthdays bring together friends and family, which usually results in a ton of photos being taken. This fun filter is a great way to remember your birthday, and how you spent your special day.

A male model celebrates his 18th birthday

If you have an upcoming wedding, birthday or any other event, Geofilter Studio would love to work with you! Follow this link to our order form to begin the quick and easy process!

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