Case Study

Case Study: Space Age Ink Tattoo

Case Study: Space Age Ink Tattoo

The Client

Space Age Ink Tattoo is a tattoo shop located in Florida. This local tattoo parlour is known for their amazing artistry, as well as the superior experience each client receives. This is a result of talented artists, combined with a clean and inviting atmosphere.

The Objective

Space Age Ink Tattoo contacted Geofilter Studio with an objective of reaching a wider demographic, particularly those within the 18-24 age demographic. Although they are already active on a variety of social channels (including Snapchat) they wanted to enhance their brand recognition with a custom Geofilter covering specific business locations.

The Solution

someone holding a phone with a snapchat geofilter overlayed

A highly custom Geofilter was designed for Space Age Ink Tattoo that aligned with their branding. It was promoted on their current social media platforms, as well as on their businesses Snapchat account when they were sharing stories and snaps with their following. Given the artistic nature of the business, Geofilters add a unique touch to clients’ photos when they are sharing their new tattoo with friends and family on social media. When clients at Space Age Ink Tattoo take a photo or video within the Snapchat app, they can swipe to apply the branded filter.

The Results

Snapchat Geofilters offer easily measurable metrics to analyze the success of a campaign. Space Age Ink Tattoo’s Snapchat campaign is one of the most successful campaigns we’ve seen at Geofilter Studio, accumulating over 6.4 million impressions in the last year. Since April of 2018, their filter has resulted in the following:

  •  58,000 paid impressions (total number of times the Geofilter was served to Snapchatters)
  •  6,400,000 earned impressions (number of times the Geofilter was viewed after being shared)
  •  605,000 total reach (number of unique Snapchatters that viewed the Geofilter)

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