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Need-To-Know Facts About Snapchat: 2023

Need-To-Know Facts About Snapchat: 2023

How Many People Use Snapchat?

Nearing the end of 2023, photo and video sharing app, Snapchat, had 414 million daily active users worldwide — up from 406 million, just from the third quarter of 2023.

This upward trajectory continued from the second quarter of 2018, when Snapchat had around 188 million daily active users, demonstrating an impressive increase in their daily user base year-over-year, meaning the social media app is definitely not dead, and doesn't look like it's going anywhere either.

Snapchat Daily Users

Statistics reveal that over 60% of Snapchat users engage with the app on a daily basis, with nearly half of them accessing it multiple times throughout the day. On average, users spend close to 30 minutes daily on Snapchat, actively involved in creating, sharing, and consuming content within the platform.

Snapchat Usage Based On Age

In the United States, Snapchat remains immensely popular among younger demographics, with a staggering 90% of individuals aged between 13 and 24 utilizing the platform, and 75% of those aged between 13 and 34. Surveys conducted among U.S. teenagers indicate that Snapchat holds a paramount position as the most significant social network for their generation, surpassing competitors such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Contrary to the misconception that Snapchat primarily caters to teenagers, data suggests a diverse user base. A considerable portion of Americans aged between 18 and 29 actively engage with Snapchat, debunking the notion that the platform's appeal is limited to younger age groups.

Snapchat Lens Usage

The adoption of Snapchat's interactive features remains robust, with an impressive 75% of the platform's 240 million daily active users experimenting with Lenses on a daily basis. This underscores the substantial viral potential that brands can leverage. By crafting captivating and shareable Lenses, brands can effectively capture users' attention, as well as the additional exposure garnered when users share their snaps with friends, extending the reach of branded content.

Snapchat Ad Spend

Snapchat's advertising ecosystem continues to evolve, reflecting its growing prominence within the digital advertising landscape. In 2019, Snapchat reported generating over $1.5 billion in net ad revenue, constituting approximately 0.5% of the global digital ad spend. In comparison, industry giant Instagram accounted for around 4.5% of the total ad spend. With ongoing enhancements and expansions to its advertising platform, Snapchat is poised for continued growth in ad revenue, showing promising prospects for advertisers looking to leverage the platform's engaged user base.

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