Geofilter Studio’s Top 10 Prom Snapchat Filters

Geofilter Studio’s Top 10 Prom Snapchat Filters

With prom season quickly approaching, it’s time to start finalizing all of the details!

Between graduation, promposals, and the prom itself, there are numerous occasions for Snapchat filters to be utilized.

With grad being such a memorable and special event, family and friends are usually involved in getting together to share in the celebration. Geofilters are a great addition, as they allow attendees to capture and share customized photos and videos and have them as memories to look back on. Teens are consistently checking their social media, posting, and sending messages back and forth, making Snapchat an effortless addition to grad and prom events.

Here are our most popular filters that were ordered last year for prom season! All of these filters can be altered to fit your needs, whether that be colour or text changes. If you have an upcoming graduation or prom, Geofilter Studio would love to work with you. Follow this link to our order form to begin the quick and easy process!

          girl blowing confetti at her graduation                    girl wearing graduation hat, popping bottle of champagne on her graduation day

          group of young adults celebrating your graduation                    two girls throwing up their graduation caps

          girl wearing her graduation robe looking off in the distance .                  graduation class throwing their grad caps in the air

          girl smiling at the camera wearing a red graduation cap and gown                    guy doing up his suit buttons before graduation

          girl smiling at the camera wearing her graduation cap and gown                    girl smiling at the camera before her graduation

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