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Personal Geofilters

To activate your Geofilter on Snapchat, you must pay a Snapchat fee. Snapchat uses your address, date and time to calculate a “Geofence” fee. Most locations have a Snapchat fee between $19 and $21. Multi-day campaigns are possible, however, the price will increase accordingly. The activation fee will depend on the size, duration and demand of your designated area.

Geofence Size

The Geofence size needs to be a minimum of 20,000 square feet (approximately the size of a house & yard) to a maximum of 10 million square feet.

Event Duration

The Geofilter duration must run for a minimum of one hour to a maximum of one month and must start/stop on the top of the hour.

Location Demand

Snapchat has artificially increased the fee over certain areas, such as luxury hotels, arenas, stadiums, and theme parks. Please view some examples below. Notice the urban centre (downtown New York) has a higher fee than the rural area for the same square footage and run duration. After placing an order we will provide a Snapchat Activation fee quote. Having uploaded thousands of filters we have learned many tips and tricks to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Snapchat Geofence Examples:

Urban Center

25,000 square ft.

1-4 Hours: approx. $9

24 Hours: approx. $20

Urban Center

60,000 square st.

1-4 Hours: approx. $20

24 Hours: approx. $35

Rural Location

60,000 square ft.

1-4 Hours: approx. $12

24 Hours: approx. $30

Stadium / Arena

High Demand Area

1-4 Hours: approx. $5000

Longer: Contact Us for a quote

Community Geofilters

Community Geofilters cover a city, university, local landmark, or another public location. They have an infinite duration. It is free to upload a community filter to Snapchat.

Business Geofilters

To submit and activate a Business Geofilter, there are some additional considerations. Please visit our Snapchat Activation Fee page for further information.