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Need To Know Facts About Snap In 2020

How Many People Use Snapchat?

As of June 2019, Snapchat has reached 210 million active daily users (Statista, 2019). To compare, in Q1 of 2019, Snapchat had 190 million daily active users, and in Q2 of 2018, 188 million. Snapchat is seeing an 8% increase year-over-year in their daily user base.

Snapchat Daily Users

Over 60% of Snapchat users open the app daily, with almost half claiming they open the app several times a day. Snapchat users spend on average, almost 30 minutes a day creating, sharing and watching content on the app.

Snapchat Usage Based On Age

90 percent of all 13-24 year old’s and 75 percent of all 13-34 year old’s use Snapchat in the U.S. (Snapchat, 2019); and according to U.S. teenagers, Snapchat is the most important social network of their generation, ahead of competitors such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

As Snapchat has grown and aged, so have their users. There is a large misconception that Snapchat is only popular with teenagers, when in fact, most Americans between 18 and 29 are Snapchat users.

Snapchat Lens Usage

75% of Snapchat’s 210 million daily active users play with Lenses each day. This shows the massive viral potential that brands can capitalize on. Creating a highly shareable Lens will allow brands to get in front of users for however long they play with your Snapchat Lens (20 seconds on average) in addition to the time the user’s friends spend viewing their Snap.

Snapchat Ad Spend

Snapchat generated over 1.5 billion in net ad revenue in 2019, capturing .5% of worldwide digital ad spend. To compare, Instagram, the social media giant, only accounts for 4.5%. As Snap’s Ad platform continues to grow and improve, there is certainty that this number will continue to increase.

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